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Main activities

As one of the 19 county governments in Hungary, Hajdú-Bihar County Government (HBCG) is responsible for:

  • planning procedures of territorial development (concept, strategy, plan)
  • implementation of territorial development plans (monitoring, decision making, monitoring committee, monitoring of operational programmes, cross-border co-operations, investments, promotion activities)
  • coordination of territorial development (coordination of local planning procedure, industrial parks, industrial areas, information networking)
  • spatial development (county level spatial development plan)
  • rural development (decision making, monitoring of programmes, cooperation with LEADERs/CLLD-s)
  • sport and youth issues
  • minority issues

Replacing the former frames (applied since 21st December, 1990) of the county governments’ operation, new position and new duties of county governments were determined on 1st January, 2012. County governments develop territorial development plan for the county harmonizing strategic goals, objectives and priorities. Hajdú-Bihar County Government coordinates the development actions of municipalities in the county, manages co-operations with the local and regional economic actors and harmonizes development ideas of local governments and private organisations. Besides, the County Government is also responsible for the use of funding resources according to its competence.

The County Government is responsible for the implementation of Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Programme 2021-2027.

To define the main vision, goals and objectives of the county’s progress, the Territorial Development Concept, Strategy and Programme for 2021-2027 as well as the Integrated Territorial Programme have been prepared.

The main priorities of the Territorial Development Strategy includes:

  • Sustainable environment
  • Climate adaptation and climate protection
  • Complex economic development
  • Improving accessibility
  • Resilient intelligent society
  • Healthy and caring society
  • Supporting environment in Debrecen for innovative economy
  • Liveable rural areas, liveable communities

Strongly reflecting the county needs defined in relation with these development priorities, several topics are addressed both by national and international projects:

  • Cluster development
  • Red tape reduction
  • Improving the ecosystem of SME support
  • Energy strategy, renewable energy sources
  • Light pollution, astrotourism
  • Exploitation of gastronomy as cultural heritage
  • Thematic green routes
  • Cultural heritage
  • Nature conservation, biodiversity, nature-based solutions
  • Social enterprises, social economy
  • Thermal tourism, thermal water as natural heritage
  • Circular economy in the agri-food sector
  • Local food chains, short supply chains
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